Monday, September 14, 2015

Yellowstone - Grand Prismatic Spring

I had always been in an awe with Grand Prismatic Spring pictures on the net, and wanted to capture the same using my lenses.

We started out really early in the morning to avoid the crowd on the long July weekend, but believe me morning is not the time to shoot a spring. It had rained a little previous night and low morning temperatures leading to a lot of steam engulfed the entire spring, colors were not very visible even from a close distance. We planned to come back by noon, and headed to Old faithful for the day.

The shot is taken from a nearby hill, after a short but steep climb on the trail to Mystic falls. The day was little cloudy with almost no direct sunlight, but the Grand Prismatic colors stood out brighter than ever.


Wednesday, August 19, 2015

World Photography Day

August 19th is celebrated as the World photography day !!!

I was reminded of the day, when I started exploring photography with a humble Canon 1000D with a 50mm prime f/1.8 lens. Sharing my first definition of Bokeh,


Thursday, June 4, 2015

Sunset @ Lake Tahoe California

Lucky to catch a beautiful sunset at Sand point in Lake Tahoe. Reached there a bit early and enjoyed the sunset colors,


Winterland Monument Valley

No doubt this road trip did not turn out exactly as it was planned. It snowed and we found ourselves in a winterland. Probably the best way to start the New Year 2015.

Monument Valley is a Tribal park on the border of Arizona and Utah. We had driven from Las Vegas for more than 12 hours owing to low visibility and heavy snow storm.

About stay at Goulding's Lodge

Park was open but still in sheets of snow on the road, the snow chains had to be taken out. I realized that there was one more lodge just inside the valley, though I don't regret staying at Goulding's rather we enjoyed.

We could not cover the mystery valley and certain other parts of the valley as they are accessible only with registered Navajo guides.

Some shots at the valley in untouched spray of snow.

1. Elephant Buttes & The East/West Mitten Buttes, look like hands. Shot from the Visitor center

2. The Three Sisters formation

3. Totem Pole -

4. Artist's View Point

We did not have much to do, since all trails were under snow. A funny incident though happened when we could not drive the car up an elevated curve and the snow chains came out, thanks to some kind Navajo people who did help us out.


Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Wildflowers at Eielson Alpine Hike Denali National Park

We went on a ranger led hike to the Eielson Alpine. Its a slightly strenuous hike with 1000ft elevation gain, but the ranger talk made the hike a lot more casual. Top of the hike gives an amazing view of the Mt. McKinley and Denali National Park.

While coming down the hike, clicked some summer flowers and a squirrel on the trail. Not sure of all the names, but the last blue flower is Alaska state flower Forget-me-Not


Friday, May 15, 2015

Snow & HorseShoe bend

Page was on the travel list during our visit to Monument Valley. It had snowed heavily a day before and everything was covered under the soft white blanket. We cancelled the Upper and lower Canyon tours since there was no sun and snow was definitely there.

The walk to horseshoe bend is very short and easy from the parking area, probably less than a mile round trip. It was hard to get a nice frame, since the edges of the horseshoe cliffs had slippery ice. But we managed with one person holding the tripod base so that it doesn't slip into the river and me taking the shot.

A trip to the canyons and horse shoe bend without snow is still pending.


Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Alaska Trip Day 2 - Road Trip from Anchorage to Denali National Park

After a great day at Whittier, we had to drive from Anchorage to Denali. It was supposed to be an extra long drive, since we had to stop at every place we had on the map. Reached Denali an hour after midnight and sun was about to set.
First pit stop was Thunderbird falls, which is a mile round trip to the waterfall. In my opinion it was simple and can be missed.

Thunderbird falls trail

Next stop was Wasilla lake, it was a little cloudy else the colors in this valley were beautiful. It was a pleasant lake, perfect for picnic or a rest stop.

A Mirror lake is a definite stop, but this mirror lake did not charm us. The water had gone a little muddy and unclear and the clouds did not help for sure.

A lunch stop at Talkeetna downtown. Downtown is a really small place, we picked up few souvenirs.

Mt. McKinley the tall one behind the clouds, from one of the pit stops near Talkeetna. 

The legendary McKinley lodge with the famous Denali View. We reached here around 9:30 PM and the lodge had closed, though a cup of hot chocolate would have been so good.

Mt. McKinley behind the clouds as seen from the lodge,

The road trip from Anchorage to Denali had been so picturesque, you want to stop at every turn and click pics. The below rays of lights was clicked around 11 PM somewhere near Denali National Park.

We stayed at Grizzly bear resort near Denali, reached quite late and tucked ourselves into the bed.

Midnight sky at 1:30 AM

The road trip was beautiful, definitely a better idea than taking the train as you have flexibility and option to take detours.