Thursday, June 4, 2015

Sunset @ Lake Tahoe California

Lucky to catch a beautiful sunset at Sand point in Lake Tahoe. Reached there a bit early and enjoyed the sunset colors,


Winterland Monument Valley

No doubt this road trip did not turn out exactly as it was planned. It snowed and we found ourselves in a winterland. Probably the best way to start the New Year 2015.

Monument Valley is a Tribal park on the border of Arizona and Utah. We had driven from Las Vegas for more than 12 hours owing to low visibility and heavy snow storm.

About stay at Goulding's Lodge

Park was open but still in sheets of snow on the road, the snow chains had to be taken out. I realized that there was one more lodge just inside the valley, though I don't regret staying at Goulding's rather we enjoyed.

We could not cover the mystery valley and certain other parts of the valley as they are accessible only with registered Navajo guides.

Some shots at the valley in untouched spray of snow.

1. Elephant Buttes & The East/West Mitten Buttes, look like hands. Shot from the Visitor center

2. The Three Sisters formation

3. Totem Pole -

4. Artist's View Point

We did not have much to do, since all trails were under snow. A funny incident though happened when we could not drive the car up an elevated curve and the snow chains came out, thanks to some kind Navajo people who did help us out.